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March 10, 2012


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Joseph Neff

At DC's National Gallery of Art back in 2007 the print quality of STALKER was superb. Don't know if it was the same European loan that a different Joe Neff mentioned seeing last fall in comment number two above, but the print I saw resulted in what's probably my single greatest theatrical viewing experience (the only other contender being KILLER OF SHEEP, which I caught at DC's AFI).

Joe Neff

Leave it to Tarkovsky to bring doppleganger Joe Neffs to the table.


I was at this event. I really enjoyed the film (even though screened on a DVD) but was greatly disappointed by the low level of discussion. I have no idea what Francine Prose was doing there, she was completely out of place and made some very silly comments.


There was a solid print up here in Toronto under a month ago. A bit thracked up, but as always, thoroughly engaging.

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