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March 31, 2012


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Mark Slutsky

Try a corn cookie. You may feel differently about the whole thing after.


Looks sufficiently annoying.


Why would a milk bar give itself a Japanese name? It took decades for the influence of the West to win Japan over to drinking milk (or 'cow's udder fluid', as their traditional word for it unappetizingly states).

That Fuzzy Bastard

Oh Christ, the retail space in 360 Smith is a... So, uh, just burning down buildings is wrong, right? Like, it's a bad thing to do? Are we all really sure about that?


Oliver C, originally it was just a dessert bakery inside one of the regular Momofuku Japanese restaurants. Milk is decidedly normal in Japan now, anyway - the "modern" word is simply "cow's milk" now.

Scott Lemieux

If I may be permitted to generalize based on a single visit to the Manhattan location, the Milk Bar is far, far worse than (say) One Girl at about twice the price for comparable goods. It strikes me as when David Chang decided he was tired of just being a lauded chef and wanted to get really paid for it.


Coming from a girl who knows who arts up the signage...this was obviously meant as a dark joke considering the controversy of this new building. People have to learn to lighten up. jeez.

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