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March 21, 2012


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Dan Coyle

I saw it today and I liked it a lot. Although I'm one of those weird jacktards who find Fukusaku's Battle Royale a smug cheap shot machine.

Bruce Reid

lipranzer: "...was there this much "this is just an obvious rip-off of so-and-so" with [Harry Potter] as there seems to be with The Hunger Games?"

Quite a lot, actually, concerning a Neil Gaiman comic called The Books of Magic (which I never read). But I don't recall such dismissive urgency in the older conversations, the nasty edge with which those bringing up Battle Royale seem intent on shutting down conversation rather than opening it up.

If we're sticking up for songs on Born Again, I'll second Bill and toss in "Pretty Boy" as one of Newman's scarier tunes. "Hope we're gonna get the chance to show you around."

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