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February 02, 2012


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I will admit to getting very choked up both times I saw this trailer in the theater.

Owain Wilson

I won't be seeing this film for the simple fact that I can't bare to watch animals-in-jeopardy movies. Too upsetting!


Two things we can glean from its apparent B.O. failure:

1) Drew Barrymore's days as a movie star are well and truly over. Time to get yourself a TV series, hon.

2) The right-wing Christians who constantly condemn "Hollywood" for all the "filth" they put out once again failed to come out for a wholesome family film. Put up or shut up, guys--you can't have it both ways.

current mood: grumpy

Simon Abrams

This is not free--Euuuuurooooope.

Trevor Cross

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