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February 24, 2012


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Jeff McMahon

Is this newly available somewhere? Been trying to see it for the last year or so.

Glenn Kenny

Indeed, Jeff. A really beautiful Blu-ray disc/DVD combo from Taiwan Sony. Region-free. Incredible. Part of a series of newly restored classics of Taiwan cinema of late last century. Easily obtainable via YesAsia.


Not to ruin the beauty of these stills, but Glenn, I thought you would appreciate the latest howler from Jeff Well's about Anatomy of a Murder's aspect ratio:

"The 1.85 version delivers a feeling of confinement, obviously, but Otto Preminger wasn't an impressionist. He was a very matter-of-fact, point-focus-and-shoot type of guy."


Glenn Kenny

Yeah, I think Jeff was in a competition with himself to see how many category errors he could pack into a single sentence there. Did very well, I'd say.

Joel Bocko

What is going on in the fourth frame - is that a reflection from offscreen left?

Ryland Walker Knight


Jason M.

Good god, this is awesome. Had no clue this was being released. Ryland, I feel similarly to you here.

Glenn Kenny

@ JB: She pushes the window out between frame three and four; catches reflection of window-washer outside.

Lance McCallion

Man, The Terrorizers is such a fantastic film all around. And yes, the Blu-ray remaster is a thing of beauty. I's also strongly urge anybody interested in this to check out a few of the other films in that particular remaster series which happens to include Hou Hsiao-Hsien's brilliant Dust in the Wind, Tsai Ming-Liang's nearly equally brilliant Vive L'amour, and a couple others I haven't gotten chance to check out just yet. Though I've heard very good things about Chen Kuo-Fu's The Personals.

Stephen Bowie

Saw this recently myself, on loan from a generous friend, and was as dazzled as everybody else.

Just because I'm too lazy to fish around for it myself, does anyone have a full list of this Blu-ray series...?

Lance McCallion



The Terrorizers was easily the richest cinematic experience I had last year. This post has me eager to revisit it.

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