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February 04, 2012


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Jackie Treehorn drew a lot of water in this town. :-(


THEY ALL LAUGHED is such a beautiful, funny film, and he's perfect in it.

Tony Dayoub

I'm glad to see some love for THE STRANGE ONE in so many of the tributes I've read.


Remembering Ben Gazzara in Run for your Life is to know that good TV did not begin with the Sopranos.

David Ehrenstein

Marco Ferreri's "Tales of Ordinary Madness" is a favorite Gazzara performance of mine along with "The Killing of A Chinese Bookie."

Peter Bogdanovich's "Saint Jack" is also lovely.


Few actors could touch Gazzara in expressing a character who when smiling was in deep deep shit.

Hauser Tann

Top comment.

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