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January 25, 2012


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warren oates

Totally excited to see this. And I say that as a super huge fan of survival thrillers in general. And a big fan of -- I know, I know -- SMOKIN' ACES. And a kind of fan of NARC.


I'll second the enthusiasm for ACES and NARC. They're both perfect pulp that have a refreshing internal consistency.

Facebook has been inundated with ads the last month that ask something along the lines of "do you want to see Liam Neeson kick some furry ass?" And, as much as I hate to admit it, I do. I reaaly do.


The preview showing Liam Neelson covering his fists with broken miniature condiment bottles to fist fight wolves sold the movie to me in a way nothing ever had before.


Liked Narc, loathed Smokin' Aces. If this is anywhere near as good as the Tamahori/Mamet The Edge, I'll be very impressed.


You know, I once read an interesting book which said that, uh, most people lost in the wilds, they, they die of shame.


Of course, 'The Edge' benefited from an actual (and acclaimed) ursine, Bart, but how much of the 'Grey' wolves is merely pixels?

Victor Morton

I'd want to see the Werner Herzog remake, complete with Liam Neeson and his compliant girlfriend being eaten on camera.

Stephen Bowie

But you'd only get to see Werner lecturing you how he's not going to let you hear Liam get eaten by the wolves. No fun.

Ryland Walker Knight

Waron Zevon FTW, as they say

Tony Dayoub

I saw THE GREY last night, and found it to be surprisingly satisfying... miles beyond what Neeson accomplished in TAKEN (which I liked). My own review will post tomorrow, and I'm a bit more open about the spoiler you avoid discussing in your review (a benefit of being less widely read than you). But I plan on returning to this thread to talk about it (after the regulars here have had a chance to see it) because I definitely expect it to be the most widely discussed aspect of the film.

Dan Coyle

Would have liked Narc but for the totally unnecessary and stupid final plot twist (Oak's partner's death is ruled a murder by the brass early on, and we discover in the final scene that's all he wanted/needed, so why did he bother trying to pin it on those two guys, except that he didn't like them? He could have just disappeared them and saved himself a big headache).

Smokin' Aces is fun, if somewhat offensive and very overwritten.

I don't ever want to talk or think about A-Team ever again, except to say that Brian Bloom stole that movie.



Brian Bloom (aka BRIAN BLOOM) co-wrote A-Team, so if he stole it it was an inside job.


Dan Coyle: Your description of the NARC plot twist reminds me (and Glenn might appreciate this) of a MURDER, SHE WROTE episode I saw the other day, with Pat Hingle as a newly-retired cop who vows to keep investigating his only unsolved case, a ten year old murder. Turns out he committed the crime himself, and would've totally gotten away with it if he had just let it lie. Instead, he tried to pin it on someone else, thereby pulling that nosy Jessica Fletcher into his orbit. I'm still trying to figure out why the heck he did that.


Just caught a late night showing. It's a surprisingly effective film. Incredibly bleak but also has some real humanity to it. After reading some reviews online, it seems like critics are pretending it dumber/cornier than it is. Im guessing alot of these critics also LOVED Drive.

dave clark

saw "The Grey" today was very pleased with the action and suspense and the scenery of the wilderness was breathtaking. We felt the wolves could have been more realistic or lifelike looking and the ending left us bewildered and wondering why did the movie end this way ? it did abruptly and left us wanting the climax of a wonderful finish. whatever suspense and excitement was created during the movie was flushed down the toilet with the finish. i give it a 3 out of 5. Liam was awesome as usual in his acting though!!!

Dan Coyle

Jbryant: but it's even worse in Narc: Oak didn't murder his partner, his partner shot himself (with his own gun, which makes me wonder why that wasn't caught by forensics), therefore his wife, whom Oak cares for like a daughter, won't get his pension, that's why he has to have it confirmed as a murder rather than a suicide. Yet... everyone believes it's a murder to begin with! It's not like the partner's wife won't get the pension if the killers are not caught. A case of the writer throwing in A TWIST without thinking, because it was way too obvious from the start Oak wanted to Cover Something Up.

Smokin' Aces has a similar problem in that the final reveal is obvious from the moment it's hinted at, but at least Carnahan stuck to it.

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