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January 03, 2012


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john warthen

If any film has been more elevated by an ingenious sound-effect than MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT, I haven't seen it yet.

Benjamin Vega

I love several of MacKendrick's films but I've never seen Don't Make Waves. Is it better than its reputation?

Stephen Winer

Don't Make Waves is watchable, but speaking as a MacKendrick fan, I would still suspect if you saw it without knowing the director credit, you'd have a hard time distinguishing it from many of Curtis' sixties vehicles.


Stephen's probably right, but I had a lot of fun with DON'T MAKE WAVES when I saw it a few years ago. Would need to see it again to put in context with Mackendrick's other work, now that I've read his book and a bio about him.


Mackendrick's an odd one for me. Great Ealing films, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, and also, by the way, a total butchering (probably not his fault) of Richard Hughes's A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA. Co-starring Martin Amis, though, so it's certainly a curiosity. But a great novel was turned into a big fat zero nothing.


Let's see...brilliant yet disinfranchised director with none of the pull of a blake edwards or stanley kubrick signs up with marty ransohoff circa mgm 1966/67 with Curtis,Cardinale,Tate and Sahl= Masterpiece.

Mr. Peel

Doesn't the Maltin book say something like, "The one good Tony Curtis sixties comedy out of a hundred bad ones" about DON'T MAKE WAVES? I haven't seen all hundred but I enjoy it even if I wouldn't exactly consider the film to be a thematic followup to SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS or whatever. Plus it's got Claudia Cardinale and Sharon Tate, so it's ok by me.

Bruce Reid

Well, there was that film of Rhinoceros that never got made; so symmetry restored in a kind of absurdist fashion, I suppose.

Mackendrick's one of my absolute favorites all the way till the end, so thanks for keeping an eye open to the pleasures and surprises of a movie too many write off as an embarrassing footnote.


don't make waves is shampoo before shampoo.

Benjamin Vega

Thanks, everyone, for the comments. I'll definitely be checking it out, then.
At the very least it can't be any worse than A High Wind in Jamaica (unfortunately, I share bill's assessment on that one).


I love A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA, but I haven't read the highly regarded novel, so there's that.

haice: Good call on the DON'T MAKE WAVES/SHAMPOO comparison.


Anyone with access to 'Sight & Sound' back issues, August 1994's MacKendrick tribute / retrospective is worth a read.


Don't Make Waves also kind of reminded me of STAY HUNGRY

D Cairns

It would help if somebody reordered the scenes of High Wind to put it back in sequence -- incomprehensible studio interference messed with it. A "We don't like what this film is doing, so let's have it do it less effectively" kind of re-edit.

The account of its making in Lethal Innocence, the Mackendrick bio (as indispensable as On Film-making) is hugely entertaining.

Mackendrick was an American in England and a Scotsman in America, hence his persistent outsider's eye.

Uncredited script work on Don't Make Waves: Terry Southern.

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