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January 10, 2012


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Tom Russell

Your write-up really piques my interest in this picture-- so much so that I'm going to try to watch it this week, despite my general avoidance of watching movies on my computer screen (old computer = considerable lag, plus my computer room is contractually obligated to be hovering near freezing this time of year).

I liked Open Five more than you did, but not as much as some. It didn't resonate with me-- I might be White and Young, and the quality of my grooming might be sadly variable-- but I've never once lost a weekend. Losing one day may be regarded as a misfortune, but to lose an entire weekend looks like carelessness. Which is just my way of saying I'm so thoroughly Midwestern, suburban, and square that all these films made by and about members of my generation and That One Weekend and hanging with friends and hooking-up and etc. look like they're from some alien culture that I can't comprehend, and not in that appealing THX-1138 way, either. Still, I liked Open Five enough to see it twice, and to be disappointed to learn that its sequel is called Open Five 2, instead of Open Six.

Audley had another film that made the rounds at about the same time as Open Five, called Holy Land, and that one I think is something really special-- it's a prickly film with a prickly protagonist, something dark beneath it all, with a very smart and very meta twist about half-way or two-thirds through that's really fascinating. Again, I liked Open Five well-enough but I was dead-certain that Holy Land would be the one that garnered more wide-spread attention.

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