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December 27, 2011


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The Siren

Excellent. Also A Town Called Malice from The Jam, and Never Stop from Echo and the Bunnymen.


Cool, a Costello two-fer, since he wrote "Shipbuilding." This reminds me -- I recently sold off most of my vinyl, but I don't remember seeing my 12" of "Shipbuilding." The game's afoot!


Excellent choices! I'm also partial to the Specials' cover of "Maggie's Farm" and Morrissey's "Margaret on the Guillotine."


I second "Margaret on the Guillotine", plus Hefner's "The Day That Thatcher Dies". I haven't heard the Angelic Upstarts "Brighton Bomb", but the sleeve artwork is truly awesome. You can check it out here:-


Blue - Fine Young Cannibals
Strike - The Enemy Within
Homebreakers - The Style Council
One In Ten - UB40

I never cared for 'Tramp The Dirt Down' though ('Big Sister's Clothes' and 'Shipbuilding' are much better Thatcher songs), I hated the woman but I won't be cheering when she dies - she wasn't Osama Bin Laden.


Is there any song out there with lyrics something like, 'They make me look sane'? Because the irony is, Thatcher -- a science graduate who refused to privatise the Post Office or dismantle the NHS -- looks like an elitist liberal when compared with the GOP's 2012 presidential candidates.


There are loads more like this one.....



Of course, The Pop Group's She is Beyond Good and Evil would make a fine addition.

Andrew Humphrys

Ghost Town by the Specials was surely the definitive Thatcher-era single, and would work just as well for the current Tory government. I will watch the film through gritted teeth.

Thomas D.

No Sinead O'Connor - "Black Boys on Mopeds"? I guess it's easy to forget about her music at this point, what with all the nutbar hullabaloo and what not.

I was going to mention some punk songs, but if we start naming 80's punk songs that mention Thatcher, we'll be here the rest of our lives.

That Fuzzy Bastard

"Black Boys On Mopeds" would make a great sad-montage track for the movie. Slo-mo shots of beastly bolshies being rude to that hardworking grocer's daughter, with disrespectful minorities grumbling in the back. And perhaps when she wins re-election, we can cut between close-ups of her pumps treading the hall, her determined face, and the terrified MPs, all set to Crass' "Sucks".

Thomas D.

That's funny, "Sucks" was exactly the song I was thinking of before realizing that there are an endless number of anarcho/hardcore/crust songs mentioning Thatcher. Maybe a mash-up of "Black Boys" and the Maggie reference in "Sucks" would work. So many snarky possibilities!


We must not forget She Bangs the Drums!!!

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