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December 17, 2011


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Terry McCarty

Read the earlier post but not the comments. Assuming no one was trying to draw a line from CARNAGE back to the setpiece in CUL-DE-SAC involving the family visit with the obnoxious little boy.


Wow, I go away for a few hours and miss all the fun (or not fun, I'm guessing). Hope whatever happened didn't kill your holiday spirit. Hang in there.

David Ehrenstein

I trust you'll have an explanation of all this shortly. I thought the "Carnage" comments that I read (and contributed to) weren't in any way contentious or troublesome.


Ah, Christmas cheer!



Bummer. I enjoyed that note because it raises an important point about over-reading biography into film.

Glenn Kenny

Sorry, ZS. It's possible I'll revisit when "Carnage" comes out on DVD, but at the moment I'm so angry I can barely see straight, let alone be coherent or civil about what went down here. Best for me to leave well enough alone for the time being, I think.


You can imagine how intriguing this is for all of us who don't know what happened. :)


Eh, no problem Glenn. If you're really angry still, I'll let you take it out by grading my papers. Give everyone a F!

jim emerson

Please do explain when you feel you're ready. The offenders (and the rest of us) should know what lines were crossed. Sorry it happened to you, though.


It's funny, I was about to post a pretty mean comment on that post (about you, not Dana Stevens, or A.O. Scott), but I'm pretty sure I never got around to posting it.

Glenn Kenny

Well, Asher, if you find it at all reassuring, I wasn't exercising prior restraint via my psychic powers or any such thing. I also wasn't responding to anything resembling a personal insult. Not that you should take that as an invitation or dare ouch thing...


I'm not sure anyone honestly needs to know what happened for any good reason--I don't see why Glenn should tell us what happened unless he feels like induldging our gossipy side. Which I would prefer of course, having already googled-cached the piece (and turned up nothing notable in the comments from the time it was recorded, so don't get excited). But it's less important that we know what happened than it is to know that a)someone took a crap in Glenn's internet pool and b)the dialogue here has been compromised via delay by some apparent asshole. So to all that, bummer.


Well if things devolve into insults then I call dibs on my favorite cinematic insult from the Errol Flynn Western named Montana, "Mr.you're a Sheepherder!"

Jaime N. Christley

I don't think you have to explain a damned thing.

Tom Block

I just hope John Nolte wasn't in here accusing people of rapist-coddling.

Jeff McMahon

Mr. Kenny doesn't _have to_ explain things, but it would certainly be interesting if he would do so.

Claire K.

It was my fault. I spammed the Carnage comments thread with links to dozens and dozens of items I want for Christmas.


All I want for Christmas is:

-- for 'Jaws' to stop being mentioned alongside 'Star Wars' as equally responsible for the infantilising demise of New Hollywood

-- for the BFI's forthcoming DVD-only release of 'The Devils' to look at least as crisp and colourful in standard definition as, say, Criterion's 'Made in USA'

-- for the adaptation of 'Cloud Atlas' to preserve the novel's interspersed / 'nestled flashback' structure; better still, incorporate temporal transitions in the manner of John Sayles' 'Lone Star'

-- for Terry Zwigoff and Isao Takahata to make more movies

-- oh, and an Oppo-95 blu-ray player

Tom Russell

Claire wins the thread.


Well, I finally saw Carnage. I loved it! I certainly hope Glenn revisits it on DVD.

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