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November 07, 2011


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Hi Glenn,

There's a tiny factual mistake in your review.

(Spoiler Alert)

On screen, Stellan Skarsgard's character is not the groom's father. You can see Alexander Skarsgard's on-screen parents leaving with him at the end of the party. On the cast list, one James Cagnard is listed as "Michael's father".


Glenn Kenny

Odd. There is something in the film that led me to conclude the two characters had that relationship, so this is vexing news.By the same token, said relationship or lack thereof turns out to be not at all relevant to the film's larger scheme of things, so, I dunno. Will look into a fix.


Trying to hide from us that you also reviewed J. Edgar, which --surprise!-- you gave 4 stars to?

Glenn's back in the tank for General Clint!!

Chris O.

Just saw this over the weekend, not fourteen hours before seeing THE MUPPETS. (For the unmedicated, I advise seeing them in that order, too.) The prologue is kind of an interesting counterpoint to some of the TREE OF LIFE montages... if you didn't know better, you could think it was a parody. Most of the prologue is in the trailer, sadly, so there wasn't much surprise, but that doesn't make it less engaging. I agree with Glenn re: Keifer. I wanted to follow his character a little more.

Has he said whether or not this and ANTICHRIST were part of a new Von Trier trilogy? The prologues, title cards, ideas, etc. suggest they might be.

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