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November 21, 2011


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That Fuzzy Bastard

I've been so very in love with so many Scorsese movies that I'm sad to agree with Bettencourt's assessment: "Borderline shoddy" is exactly the right description of the script. Too many speeches about dharma and fixing and othersuch totally uninteresting Motivation 101 stuff, and not nearly enough scenario-writing thought put into how to make The Girl something richer than just The Girl. It's painful how the whole picture goes dead whenever Hugo and Isabelle talk, abruptly thunking into shot-reverse setups like the director wandered off the set. But like Gangs of New York, the direction and the subplots are so terrific that it's a great movie in spite of its many bad decisions. The first twenty minutes manage the up-until-now-impossible trick of making 3D seem effortless, charming, fun, and narratively effective; the repetitive chase scenes are redeemed by the obvious delight Scorsese is feeling as he plays with a brand-new toy.

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