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November 18, 2011


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Having (guiltily) never subscribed to Wide Screen, it's a pleasure to read these interviews. Shame aside, the man's a helluva'n actor.


Also: I dig any actor who actually discusses acting / being directed. Way too many actor interviews turn into a sort of feedback loop of personal stories / funny anecdotes (which, though amusing, tend to be all surface). I like how, here, Fassbender talks a lot about his "inner workings" -- approaches, studying other actors, directors' methods, etc.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Could me as one who'd really like to read the "I was in a Soderbergh movie too!" chatter. One of the really neglected aspects of Soderbergh's work is how much a consistent acting style holds together very stylistically diverse movies---SCHIZOPOLIS' consistently relaxed performances are really what makes it roll through a lot of changes---and I'd love to hear a little talk between two people who've worked with him in that capacity.

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