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November 22, 2011


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Adam R.

Just make sure she isn't turned sideways when you loooooook at her, otherwise you might miss her completely.


Great interview - thanks. Cronenberg is just about my favourite modern director. Such a thoughtful, smart guy. I am just revisiting his wonderful 'Spider' now, one of the best films of the last decade.


Rare Cronenberg interview that is Rabid to Wagner very enjoyable and not so dry.


Is it wrong for me to say that in that pic Ms Knightly is teh hawt in a Crazy Girlfriend sort of way?

On a more cineastical note - I'm really looking forward to this movie.
Thanks Glenn, for the interviews.

Glenn Kenny

Not only are you not wrong J., I believe you are in fact getting what we auteurists refer to as the "desired effect."

That Fuzzy Bastard

Cronenberg is such a good interview subject (not to denigrate your skills, GK). I remember him being interviewed by Fangoria when Dead Ringers was coming out, and managing to twist all the typical bland Fango questions into cinematically astute answers.

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