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October 13, 2011


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Oh I hope my copy gets here soon...


This is the very reason I've just invested in a multi-region bluray player.

John Merrill

Are we not men? The original and the best. Jeez to be 12 again and watching this on Million Dollar Movie.


My movie-loving father's first memory of loving movies: at age 8 in 1932, walking home with his two lifelong best-friends from a Vidalia GA showing of ISLAND OF LOST SOULS and, after a cat yowled from a nearby bush, running in stark terror the last four blocks.
He lived to tell that story to a great-grandson.


In a few years, Criterion has managed to release all of my wishlist "lost films": ACE IN THE HOLE, TWO-LANE BLACKTOP, the War Trilogy, the forthcoming WORLD ON A WIRE, etc. etc. and now this. Dreams Never End. The only one remaining is COCKFIGHTER...

David Ehrenstein



Criterion is doing WORLD ON A WIRE? That's confirmed?

Scott Nye

bill - I'm almost positive they said something to that effect, but at the very least, the Janus was behind the re-release, which as far back as I can remember, always results in a Criterion release for home video.

Jim Gerow

WORLD ON A WIRE is already available for streaming on Hulu Plus and it looks great.


Unofficially confirmed. Whatever that means. Unless the Fassbinder Foundation is still miffed over BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ, I'd put money on it being out next year.


Scott - I think I did hear about the Janus connection and probably connected the same dots. I just want to know for sure, damn it.

Laithtippler - Why is the Fassbinder Foundation miffed over BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ? I still haven't seen it, mind you, but what could Criterion have done to make them angry?


"Miffed" was probably an overstatement. They were peeved that the 25fps/PAL original had a different, "wrong" running time once the conversion was made to 30fps/NTSC. Real techno purism/geekery that amounted to a very small controversy.

Thomas D.

No, we are Devo.


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