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October 25, 2011


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Say, Glenn, this is way off topic, but did you ever see/review Azazel Jacobs' TERRI? I know you're over the moon about THE GOODTIMESKID, and I was curious what you thought of TERRI. It's more conventional than the former film, but boy did I think it was terrific.


I loathed the first SHREK film, but went easy on the sequels strictly because of Puss in Boots, who is such a great character. All I have to do is think of him just saying his name and I crack up. So yeah, his solo vehicle is something I want to see.

I was never a cat person until my girlfriend insisted we adopt a couple about 8 years ago. When they were around six months old, I manifested a severe allergy to them, which sets off my asthma. By then I was totally attached, so it was off to the allergist instead of the animal shelter.

The Siren

Jbryant, I once had an allergist tell me that he never advised people to get rid of their cats, because all they ever did was get rid of him.


For some reason, it amuses me that in Japan, Puss in Boots is named simply/literally, as 'The Cat who wore Long Shoes' (長靴をはいた猫, 'Nagagutsu o haita Neko').

Tom Russell

"I don't think the film's ridiculous reiteration of a long-discredited Bad Idea is going to gain any traction with The Kids."

I hope not, but you never know. Something like 60%+ of Americans still believe that Kennedy was not killed by Oswald acting alone, mostly because Kevin Costner said "Back, and to the left".

Tom Russell

...And, of course, you mention JFK in your review, which I would've known if I had clicked on the link before commenting. Oy.


I for one definitely believe "but I was taught that in school" will be all the proof a generation of kids needs:

'Mr. Emmerich and Sony have produced a documentary and classroom study guide that Professor Shapiro described as full of “half-truths repeated through a 20th-century perspective.”

“I have no problem if Roland Emmerich wants to drink the Kool-Aid, but I do have a problem when it’s doled out in small cups to school kids,” he said.'


Emmerich specializes in incredibly fun, stupid, occasionally beautiful movies that briefly convince journalists that they're about serious issues. Just like pundits actually used The Day After Tomorrow to start a discussion about climate change, the angle for news outlets on Anonymous is that the very old and discredited Oxfordian theory is some great bombshell of a conspiracy theory. Within minutes, we will all realize that it is instead just fun, stupid, and occasionally beautiful. I'm very much looking forward to his next film, which purports to be about "superintelligence." A perfect fit of director and subject.

Patricia L. D'Andrea

Your comment "my cat Tourette's compelled me to break the hushed silence of the fan-boy-packed house with the exclamation, "Kitty!" The offensive reference to Tourette's is a slap in the face to every family who has a relative with this horrible disease. It is not a joke, it is a bs comment. Why don't you say "because I'm retarded I said Kitty!" Is it because it's not PC to say "retard" but ok to laugh at someone with Tourette's? Shame on you!!!

Frank McDevitt

^^ Yikes. Then again, it's been a while since an indignant reader decided to take to the comments section, so I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Also, Patricia, my reading of that quip was that Glenn was being self deprecating, not insulting people with Tourette's syndrome.

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