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October 16, 2011


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Makes me think of how the checked shirt Tony Leung wears near the end of 'Chungking Express', by resembling the convenience store employees' uniform, seems to prefigure his final-scene change of career.

Mr. Milich

Moments like this remind me of the pleasures of fresh air.


Wow! Never noticed that, and WotW is probably my favorite Sirk movie. Guess I was too busy playing my patented drinking game: Drink every time you spot a phallic symbol. By the end of the movie, you'll be drunker than Kyle Hadley!

The Siren

Not only do I love Claire for pointing this out, I also take this opportunity to tell you that I have a vintage gray suit very much like Bacall's. If I make it to the Lafayette this winter I'll wear it. With a pink scarf.

This is fascinating. The switch is so precise it even goes right to their lipstick color -- take a look!

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