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September 26, 2011


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warren oates

Really liked the previous collaboration between Shannon and this same director Jeff Nichols' SHOTGUN STORIES. Very much looking forward to this one, even more so after your positive review.


Hadn't heard of this one. Judging from the description, it sounds similar to Peter Weir's "The last wave" (except the aboriginal elements). Is that the case, or I am on the wrong track?

Glenn Kenny

@Paul: I'd say there are thematic affinities, but the context and perspective are such that I didn't really think of the Weir film until you mentioned it. But yes, it's certainly In The Tradition, if you will.


Really dug this one as well. The mood stuck to me long after I left the theater. (I even hold it responsible for a restless night of sleep.) I felt like it stumbled a little as it approached the final stretch -- my only gripe -- but recovered in time for a strong ending. Terrific work all around.


In The Tradition of THE LAST WAVE is a good thing. The TRAILER for THE LAST WAVE scared the crap out of me and haunted me until I caught up with the actual movie. This one is high on my list.


Apparently not good enough to topple the mightier Glee 3D Experience. ;)

Mr. Ziffel

Looking forward to this. Shannon has been consistently good in everything the past few years. Who knew there were so many varieties of creepiness?

Nathan Duke

This was one seriously unsettling movie. I really liked SHOTGUN STORIES, but thought TAKE SHELTER was even better. I'm curious to see how people read the ending, which has already been much discussed. It seems that a number of reviews have viewed it literally. I'm not sure it's even necessary to take one side or the other on that front. One of the year's better films, so far. I'm hoping "Melancholia" will make for a great apocalyptic double feature.

warren oates

Saw this today and really liked it. Echoes of THE LAST WAVE for sure. Agree with Glenn's review citations of Polanski and Tarkovsky, all of the influences organically integrated into the whole. Can't wait to see what Jeff Nichols does next.

As for the reading the ending literally, I do. It's simply more interesting that way. That the tragedy of the film isn't madness so much as the way that visions don't always come with instructions. Seeing what he saw and being right about it (too late) ultimately was worse than being crazy -- because he couldn't do a damn thing to save himself or his family anyway. Surprising and chilling as hell. If it's just a final wish fulfillment fantasy, then the film has two too many endings.

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