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September 23, 2011


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Paul Schrader's 1995 'Sight and Sound' article on Renoir and 'Règle' remains an excellent, expert analysis of mise-en-scène, even if his dismissive comments regarding Robert Altman, multi-camera set-ups and the zoom lens could give Natasha Vargas-Cooper a run for her money in the infuriating cluelessness stakes:

http://www.paulschrader.org/writings.html (scroll down to 1995)

Glenn Kenny

Mr. Schrader never quite mastered his sometime partner Mr. Scorsese's mode of cinematic diplomacy. I don't think he ever even necessarily aspired to. I kind of love him for that, frankly.

That Fuzzy Bastard

My favorite Schraeder story: A certain friend of mine who I know reads this site was working at a video store frequented by film journalists. One such writer came in and checked out HARDCORE, MISHIMA, and PATTY HEARST. The two clerks asked, "Doing a Paul Schraeder piece?" "Yeah," she answered, "I'll be talking to him in a couple of days." The clerks, who had just been going through the interviews on the TAXI DRIVER laserdisc, smiled and said, "That's great---he's a terrific interview subject. Knows a lot, and never pussyfoots. Just... Try not to think about how much he sounds like Elmer Fudd."

The next week, she was in to return her tapes, and scream "I HATE YOU GUYS!" at said clerks.

Russ H

With a soggy and dark day like today in NYC, damned if I don't want to just avoid work, pop in RULES OF THE GAME and forget that it was made for anyone but me.

I love that still, GK.

John Keefer

Viva Cinema!

Greg Ferrara

Is that the T-800 or T-1000 model?


Anyone else think that "eat it" is going to become the cineaste equivalent of "Fucking Magnets/ How do they work!"

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