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August 19, 2011


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As it must to all men...

He couldn't have gone out on a better, more ambitious note. And I doubt I'm going to be able to watch that hallucinogenic final scene of Mysteries of Lisbon again without crying.

James Keepnews

Oh, man, what an incredible loss -- he does appear by all accounts to have gone out on a four-hour-plus high note. So long, Sr. Ruiz.

David Ehrenstein


Evelyn Roak

A truly sad day. One of my absolute favorite filmmakers/thinkers/writers and the only of whom I can say I've seen maybe 30 or 40+ films and not even reached the halfway point. Films and books I will return to again and again.

Unkle Rusty

I feel like such a sack of poo for bailing on the Mysteries of Lisbon screening at the Seattle Film Festival because of the daunting (and, I must say, delightfully surprising) lines outside on a rare sunny Seattle day this early June.

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