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August 04, 2011


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I'm more tempted to see this thing. NOT because of Wells liking it. You got class. He doesn't. I can't say I'm a fan of the series as a whole. I own the original on BD and don't care to see the rest again. I do love the doc abotu the films that RMD hosted and you can see the cheese just fine in it. As for the remake, I ALWAYS thought Tim Roth was great (as was Heston in his one scene with Roth) in it and the only thing worth watching.

Tom Block

The trailers made slobber come out of my mouth.


Re: Ted Post - hack he may be but I would certainly recommend the utterly twisted suburban horror film The Baby. The only conventional scene in that film is the 'creeping around an old dark house in the dead of night' scene near the climax, though that turns into something more akin to the end of The Vanishing for a WTF!?! moment.

And Hang 'em High is one of the better US spaghetti westerns that Eastwood was in.

David Ehrenstein


Kevyn Knox

There were some damn fine "Holy Shit" moments, weren't there?

Phil Freeman

I own the DVD box (the one that doesn't include the Burton shitpile) and Beneath is the one I haven't revisited yet, because I saw it as a little kid, as the after-school movie on Channel 5, and it blasted my tiny brain all over the room. I can't say I'm particularly tempted to see this one, because I am of a generation that believes if you want apes in your movie, you GET YOUR ACTORS IN SOME GODDAMN SUITS.


Just got back from a screening and I enjoyed it. I have to admit that I have only seen one other film this summer (X-MEN) and this is easily the best film I've seen this year (live in a smaller town and don't get most of the films here that I wish we did. Saw X-MEN online.). I honestly think this is THE BEST cgi work I've ever seen. the first I truly believed. AVATAR was pretty good but this film, the mix of live action and FX was really great. Gonna be a Blu Ray purchase for me.


I love the original series (heck I even liked the TV series) and I still think this new movie is really good. Though, I agree with you about the lazy storytelling, especially the parts in the genetic lab (and the screenwriters have really picked away pieces of the story told within CONQUEST). Yet, it holds up as a summer movie.
The motion capture is the best I've ever seen (though I'm no expert).
If this thing doesn't drop off too badly in ticket sales in the next few weeks, hopefully Fox will do another one....

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