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July 28, 2011


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Bilge Ebiri

This is gonna sound retarded, but you know what's the saddest thing about the Smurfs, as a concept? That they retroactively degraded the comic series from which they were originally spun off -- the Adventures of Johan, a pretty fantastic series of Medieval stories that could give Tintin and Asterix a run for their money in the pantheon of European kiddie comics.

Those stories were funny, dark, exciting, mysterious, and every time I try to tell somebody about them I have to also mention that that's where the Smurfs originated, and then it's all downhill from there. (As far as I know, only a couple of Johan stories were published in English.)

Glenn Kenny

That doesn't sound retarded at all, Bilge. I say that as someone whose bedside reading activity of late has subsisted of grousing about what is clearly a crap English translation of the text of Edgar Jacobs' Blake & Mortimer adventure "The Yellow 'M'."

Claire K.

Oh, I remember when Johan and Peewee used to appear on the cartoons!

Bilge Ebiri

Yeah, there were often some Johan segments on the cartoons, which was the main reason why I actually bothered to watch them. Those books were very popular in Turkey when I was growing up, and I looked forward to finding them in the U.S. (hopefully in color, at long last!) when we moved here. So imagine my surprise when I saw that instead there was a whole series devoted to the Smurfs, who had initially appeared in only one Johan adventure (one of the lamer ones, as I recall).

Joseph Neff

In Chantal Akerman's short film SAUTE MA VILLE there's a smurf on a door or a wall. It kinda flipped me out to see that, the short being from (I think) 1968.

Stephen Bowie

Actually, Glenn, the memory is fuzzy, but I am pretty sure that while watching THE SMURFS on television between the ages of about seven and ten I did in fact mull over the disproportionate male-to-female population of Smurf Village and developed in response a fairly detailed and accurate (sociologically, at least, if not anatomically) mental portrait of a Smurf gangbang.

Just in case you were wondering.


Time to rewatch the Smurf scene in Linklater's 'Slacker', I should think.

Tintin may be a "kiddie comic" but what Herge did in 'The Castafiore Emerald', a sprawling yet sustained, near-plotless farce of multiple misunderstandings, is the graphic-novel equal of Altman.

Gordon Cameron

I remember Johann and Pee Wee from the cartoon as well, though I didn't realize they predated the Smurfs themselves.

In defense of the blue guys, I will say that some of the original Smurf comics were, if not of Tintin quality, at least the quality of a good Asterix comic. In particular, King Smurf worked some pretty scathing political satire and a clear-eyed view of human nature into a kid-friendly package.

Bilge Ebiri

Yeah, I do vaguely recall some original Smurf comics that were OK. I figure Peyo himself probably maintained some kind of standard. And Oliver, I certainly didn't mean any disrespect when I referred to Asterix, Tintin, and Johan as "kiddie comics." Like I said, I grew up on that stuff, and I love revisiting them still. That includes the Lucky Luke series, too.

In fact, that's why I was so bummed about the Johan & Peewit series not being available in English, save for THE MAGIC FLUTE and THE BLACK ARROW (the latter of which was published some years ago in what appears to have been an abortive attempt to make the whole series available...but only that one ever wound up in stores, I guess).


Well, I guess we can at least be glad Glenn didn't post a picture of Smurfette.

Oh, wait...she might be over 24. ;)


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Frank McDevitt

Lex's (insane) post reminded me of this David Cross bit for some reason: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrvtHYCP-LM

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