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July 24, 2011


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I thought the closing credits music, used in both parts, was reminiscent of the opening section of "Sun King" by the Beatles. But anyway, yes, everyone, it's a great film.


I saw it on Friday and couldn't agree more! An amazing piece of work! And the sound cues!!!

David Ehrenstein


David Ehrenstein

Not to mention --



It's available on Hulu Plus as well - not the same as the theater, of course, but for those of us in flyover country it will have to do until the (hopeful) eventual Criterion release


Like the Pere Ubu reference in the earlier post.

B rian Dauth

As Glenn said, WORLD ON WIRE was the North American movie event of last year, and its commercial release might be the North American movie event of the year so far. I admit to having no perspective on Fassbinder: I discovered him as a teenage queerboi at the New Yorker Theater and his movies changed my life. How could I not love a filmmaker who has one of his characters pay alimony to Joseph Mankiewicz?

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