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July 31, 2011


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Great movie, although the full-on coprophilia is a bit much.

Glenn Kenny

Oh, there now. The "full on coprophilia" is all in your head there, son. Or, rather, a result of montage and suggestion. But this isn't "Salo," not by a long shot. Or are you making a Roger Kimball joke that's too dry for me to get?

Tom Russell

If it's too dry, fiber is usually required.


Forget 'Salo' and 'L'Age d'or' -- these days even kids' movies like 'Alvin & The Chipmunks' contain blatant coprophilia jokes.


Not trying to tell anyone what to do, but if I had my own blog, Image of the Day every day would be like Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Amber Heard, Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried or Dakota Fanning.

Just spitballin'.


Oliver: And the trailers for such films invariably feature those scenes. 'Cause kids love doo-doo. Sometimes I also think the marketers assume it adds value for older auds as well. Like, "I liked ALVIN when I was a kid, but it's too innocuous for me now -- wait, was that a shit joke? I am so there!"


It was a Roger Kimball joke, sorry (although, you know, it shows I've been paying attention at the back here). It's a great movie, full stop.


For a split second I thought it was another Tarantino e-mail.

Jeff McMahon

Dakota Fanning is 17. Stop being a pervert, Lex.


Yes, Lex, try to stifle that Fanning lust for just 7 more months, at which time your attraction to her will magically become appropriate.

James R

Watching Alvin & the Chipmunks kind of *was* coprophilia...

Tom Russell

"Another Tarantino e-mail"? Am I missing something?

I haven't seen[*] the Chipmunks films, though a friend assures me that "David Cross saves" the first one, which "actually isn't that bad". But the poop gag in the trailer really turned me off-- it's not necessarily a franchise I have a lot of affection for, not something with a deep mythos or anything, but it just seemed so disrespectful and, well, shitty towards those who did like the thing, which just rubs me the wrong way.

[*-- I have *heard* some of it, though, because the theater where we saw THERE WILL BE BLOOD was right next to a theater playing CHIPMUNKS, and the walls were thin. This usually isn't too much of a problem, but since the first twenty minutes of BLOOD are on the quiet side, all the zany dialogue came through crystal clear. And yet, such was the strength of TWBB, even that did not prevent me from (eventually) being fully absorbed into its world.]


"Yes, Lex, try to stifle that Fanning lust for just 7 more months, at which time your attraction to her will magically become appropriate."

It will also misteriously wither. The "accesible" and real woman she will grow up into will invariably dissapoint Lex in comparision with the woman she's already blossomed into in his head, such woman being the girl she is just now but with a glowing neon sign on her T-shirt reading 'LEGAL' and surrounded by all the intriguing connotations of such word applied in the present context. Such fantastic imaginings, a forbidden creature being allowed (allowed to something, I guess); that is, keeping her awesome forbiddeness and at the same time displaying an awesome allowedness. Won't do. Either desire and not have, or have and not desire. And you won't have her anyway, so, desire! 7 months left to imagine, then nothing. More than nothing, but it will feel like less than nothing, you will be even. Enjoy, poor, poor Lex, while there is time, if indeed there is time at all, if time is all is there.



^ Like


That's lovely and poetic, I.B., but unfortunately belied by Lex's ongoing infatuation with the perfectly legal Kristin Stewart, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, et al. (As a longtime reader of MCN's Hot Blog, I have been made privy to the full spectrum of Lex's lust.)


Yeah, I get what I.B. is going for, and that has happened with a couple lower-tier cheeseball starlets usually of the Disney variety, not just for me but mankind in general-- think how there were all these queasy-taste shock-jock countdowns for the Olsens or Hilary Duff, and today NOBODY cares. In those specific cases, that forbidden but temptingly hot factor was the main draw for girls that didn't really have "it" to back up the tee-hee factor.

But Dakota is DEFINITELY in the K-Stew, Emma Roberts, Kunis, Taylor Swift, Amanda Seyfried realm of OH MY GOOD LOOK AT HER where I'm entirely enchanted and will continue to be until they a) have a kid or b) get married.

With Kristen, I had seen her in some of her early stuff then one day saw a movie called "Speak" where I almost fell off my chair, was UTTERLY HYPNOTIZED, and knew I was seeing THE most perfect female avatar for EVERYTHING I find attractive I had EVER seen... I didn't even blink for one second in the entirely of the movie. Six years on, I still feel that way every second I am LOOKING AT HER.



To paraphrase what Godard said about John Wayne, how can Lex be so stupid and crass and yet, not really that stupid at all?

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