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July 28, 2011


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Mr. Milich

Captain, I don't know how you feel about this shrimp, but if you'll eat it, you never have
to prove your courage in any other way.


According to FF Coppola, Spradlin came up with most of the dialogue for his character in the briefing scene, which would account for its singular flavor.

Mark Asch

Was it common knowledge that he was a lawyer and oilman who retired at 40 and took up acting after sailing and the accumulation of graduate degrees proved insufficiently diverting? Because that entire (fascinating) Times obit was news to me.

Always loved the line in Kael's GODFATHER II review about how Spradlin "looks and acts like a synthesis of several of our worst senators." He probably could have become one, when you think about it.


By Matt Taibbi's account (in GRIFTOPIA), his II character was, in fact, based quite explicitly on one of our worst senators.

David Ehrenstein

So glad you picked "Zabriskie Point."


By all accounts, a good man, who lived a good life. Filled with adventure, experiences, shared with family and friends.

Another solid character actor who created a fine body of work.

God bless G.D.

Rest In Peace.


Having grown up in the South, I can vouch for the accuracy of Spradlin's characterizations. That football coach in "North Dallas Forty" was so realistic it still gives me the creeps.



Another passing: art director Polly Platt, dead at 72.

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