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July 08, 2011


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James Keepnews

Joe Flaherty is G-d, is who He is. And I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Crystal Gayle for her stiff, a-borning star in this skit. And for Andrea Martin. And bowling balls.


this is such a great sketch

watching Milton Berle get punched out is a highlight

Ian W. Hill

"They're animals anyway. Let them lose their souls!"


I heard "Dead Skunk (In the Middle of the Road)" on the radio the other day. Who says all oldie stations play the same songs over and over?

James, G-d walked within a couple of feet of me after a FREAKS AND GEEKS panel several years ago. I reached out, but unfortunately missed the hem of his garment.


Elle Pacino

"Le Serpico"

Cinema c'est tres magnifique.


A bit tangential, but just came across this for the first time and laughed out loud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dfoVqhQVyQ

Does anybody have a link to the critters sketch? SCTV was before my time and I'm still catching up on all this great stuff.

James Keepnews

brian, I'm still laughing! Great SCTV link, thanks for it. Like Billy Sol, dialectical stuff also drives me up a tree, making me a poor Marxist, among much else. Besides.

Shifting cross-thread, the thoughtful replies to Glenn's zero stars Zookeeper review (wow, what else have you reviewed that also registered 0% at Rotten McMetacritics?), balanced by the McFistey von EaterMcButtholes dismissal of, you know, anything minimally thoughtful, makes that an unusually demonstrative-of-the-times thread. Loving it/that. Thank you, one and all.

I can't go near Mr. James, and will, accordingly, not, here, though I am mindful of the gainful manner in which he employed Patton Oswald across many seasons. The goodwill that bought was well and truly spent in full by Mr. James falling down, repeatedly, in a mall, once upon a time.

Ian W. Hill

Brian -- link to the sketch you wanted:


Unfortunately, one section has been cut out and another muted for rights reasons, but the important stuff is still there.


thank you!


I've never forgotten the SCTV sendup of "Jane Eyre," with Flaherty playing Rochester with the voice and mannerisms of Jack Benny's sidekick Rochester.

As I sat there laughing, I wondered how many people out there got the joke.

Thomas D.

Still the best Bergman parody sketch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knEOourigcw

Shawn Stone

"Jane Airhead."



Thomas: That IS great, but I also have a soft spot from "Scenes from an Idiot's Marriage," Bergman's collaboration with Jerry Lewis. Especially when "Harriet Andersson" (Andrea Martin again) asks Jerry to speak to her divorce attorney, Sven Gunderbloom.

Jerry: Sven Gurnndun?
Harriett: Sven Gunderbloom.
Jerry: Sy Apermundiz... (spelling approximate!)

Etc. Puts me on the floor every time.

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