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June 30, 2011


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Phil Freeman

Even Tom Hanks (screenwriter, director, star) realizes he doesn't deserve someone as blindingly hot as Gugu Mbatha Raw.

I saw the trailer for this; it looked terrible. Gonna pass.


Dear god how I hated LARRY CROWNE. Tonally all over the place -- a supposedly serious scene of Larry getting fired "undercut" by some weirdly broad Rob Riggle shtick that turns it into a lame SNL sketch, classroom scenes that veer drunkenly between earnest and faux-goofy -- with a romance that never starts but then somehow becomes the film's entire raison d'etre. Oh, and every potential dramatic obstacle either immediately resolved or entirely forgotten. I loved it when Hanks said something at the end about how Julia's class changed his life, and the woman sitting next to me (a total stranger) turned to me and said, "Wait, what did she actually DO?"

I love Hanks as an actor, but wow is this movie a perfect storm of incompetence -- his flaccid direction coupled with Vardalos's unspeakable plotting and dialogue, and punctuated with random bits of transparent movie insight into The Way We Live Now. Wow. I didn't like THAT THING YOU DO either, but that's practically THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER compared to this.

I did like George Takei, though, if only because his beyond-strange performance worked with the film's wild, uncontrolled swerves in tone.

And I should add, Glenn, that I was in a GREAT mood when I sat down to consume this particular shit sandwich. No joke.


So Hanks' romantic interest in LARRY CROWNE is Julia Roberts, which just reminds me that apparently Hollywood thinks that none of Hanks' romantic interests from SPLASH to CASTAWAY is worthy of appearing in films today.


True, Partisan. In fact, as far as I know, Wilson the volley ball has yet to make a second film.

Kevyn Knox

Ya know, I often find both Hanks and Roberts quite insufferable (and don't get me started on the lack of fresh writing from that Big Fat Stoopid Greek Wedding harpie!) and yes, the film does gladhand its audience much too much, but ya know what - I kinda liked the damned thing. There, go ahead and bash. Bring it on people.

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