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June 25, 2011


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Matthias Galvin



You look so happy!


Nice to see there are no hard feelings between you and Dan Kois.

Ryan Kelly

"get stuffed, Roger"

Too late!


I assume Mr. Ebert meant human stars, which is why I didn't feel too guilty about having my picture taken with Elmo earlier this year.

Dan Coyle

Clearly, Winnie the Pooh does not agree with Roger Ebert.

Elbert Ore

Wow Glenn, you seem to have lost a lot of weight! But who's that bald guy on the left?

Bilge Ebiri

This photo seems cropped. I could swear that in earlier iterations I could see a lot more of that wall in the lower right hand corner.

mike kenny






You're making Stitch jealous.


I saw Elmo on a Times Square street corner in New York earlier this year. He looked so haggard, offering photographs for a dollar, his fur matted. Very sad. Then the next day I saw him again near the Central Park zoo, and he appeared to have cleaned himself up considerably.


I think you touched Pooh's thotful spot.


It shows that Heidi Montag had way too much plastic surgery.


Pooh, show us on the doll where Glenn touched you.

The Chevalier

Reminds me a bit of something in The Shining toward the end...

Dan Coyle

BTW, is this a reference to Ebert's review of Conan O'Brien Can't Stop?


"Reminds me a bit of something in The Shining toward the end..."

As Garrett Brown says on the DVD commentary track, holding back his giggles -- "Just another day on The Shining."

Still, if you liked that scene, or the above photo, check this out... :-)


Glenn Kenny

You people are SICK.

Anyway, I haven't read Mr. Ebert's review of the Conan doc, the reference is to his "Rules for Reviewers" and the instruction was read by some as a slap at Ben Lyons. Man, you should hear some of the things that Ben's dad would say about Roger after THAT came out. I won't reveal them, as Jeff's own career by this point is too vestigial to ruin. Anyway...

I was supposed to go to the beach Saturday, but it got cancelled, so I thought I'd get ahead of things and pop in to this "VIP" screening and reception for the "Pooh" movie, which I've got to review later in the month and which WAS awfully cute BTW, and I am the only adult there without a child in tow and MAN do I get some looks. So I figure it would be funny to get a picture with the star and do it before a lynch mob was convened. And there you have it.


I like that you came to this thing color-coordinated with Pooh, no doubt in anticipation of the photo op. I also like that you seem to be helping Pooh release a belch.

I worry, however, that there's a short girl inside the costume, and that your thumb is getting a little nipple action.

Peter Nellhaus

Content by Disney. Color by Minnelli.


Not very foo-foo.

Kinda pooh pooh.

Carry on.

Claire K.

I think I'm going to make this my wallpaper.


A cruel joke.

Simon Abrams

I'm just a little black rain cloud/hovering under the honey tree/ I'm just a little black rain cloud/pay no attention to me.

Dan Coyle

Well, anyway, Ebert's review of the Conan doc seemed to describe getting your picture taken with a star as the ninth circle of hell itself.


I'm just a little black rain cloud hovering under the honey tree I'm just a little black rain cloud pay no attention to me.

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