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June 06, 2011


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Kent Jones

Oh, I thought he would go on forever.

GK, of course KINGS AND QUEEN is a perfect swan song but he was in a couple of movies after that, including REGULAR LOVERS and ACTRESSES, a very funny movie by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. Louis is in that one too.

Glenn Kenny

I was thinking of "swan song" with respect to the character, who, as we know, is speaking from what I'll call another place, and who won't be heard from directly again. Of course he's magnificent in "Regular Lovers" and "Actresses" is one I need to catch up with.

David Ehrenstein

Oh my. An amazing acotr. I find him especially fascinating in Patrice Chereau's Son Frere and his son's masterpiece Les Amants Reguliers (which stars his grandson.)

Hauser Tann

Why is there not a Criterion edition of Kings and Queen yet...[?]

Eric Stanton

The existing Region 1 DVD of "Kings and Queen" is fine, and has the advantage of including an excellent interview of Desplechin by Kent Jones, which this viewer found extremely informative. Fans of the movie would not go wrong acquiring it, imo.

If Criterion was to bring out a Blu ray disc, of course, there'd be no complaint from me. I hope Mr. Jones's interview would be ported over and included among the extras on any Criterion release, assuming such a thing would be possible from a licensing perspective.

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Of course he's magnificent in "Regular Lovers" and "Actresses" is one I need to catch up with.

The Fanciful Norwegian

Criterion hasn't licensed anything from the Wellspring catalog since "Ran," way back in 2005. That was around the same time Wellspring was snapped up by the Weinsteins -- I doubt the timing is coincidental. It's a small miracle the DVD is even still available (most of Wellspring's titles haven't fared so well).

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