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June 27, 2011


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I think Lang just might be one of my four or five favorite directors.


Did you pick up that Italian blu-ray of this? If so, how is it?

Ryan Kelly

Such a delightfully pissed off, righteous movie.

Henry Holland

Mein Gott was he handsome then!

Glenn Kenny

@ Michael G. Smith: Yes, I did get the Italian Blu-ray, that's what inspired this in part. It's REALLY good, as is the Blu from the same label of Carpenter's "They Live." Both will be given capsule reviews in my next Blu-ray Consumer Guide. But I'll recommend them pretty unequivocally now.


Damn, there goes another paycheck.


This might be Lang's best American film. (It's certainly, at any rate, his most intelligently written and tightly constructed one, as well as the most lyrical thing he ever did here or in Germany.) I say that, though, as someone who detests SCARLET STREET

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