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May 19, 2011


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Tom Russell

"...not in my customary conversational piling-up-subordinate-clauses style..."

Without wanting to appear too much of a suck-up, I just wanted to say that your conversational piling-up-subordinate-clauses style is one of the things I like best about your criticism (among other, more substantial things, of course), no matter what some fuckwad with a tumbler has to say about it.


That PREMIERE story was the first thing I thought of when the Arnold story broke-- I remember those photos, and just how horrifying the whole piece was to read (I mean because of what he did, not because of how it was written or edited). Thanks for the backstory on how it all got put together.


It's A Man's World After All.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Thanks for the backstory! I remember when the Premiere piece came out too, and I've been wondering (and still am) why everyone seems to think the L.A. Times broke the story.


Yes, this rang some significant bells. I don't remember the article quite as clearly as the rest of you seem to, but yeah...I think I mainly remember the blowback from Schwarzenegger's showbiz pals. Didn't some of that get printed in a subsequent issue?

Glenn Kenny

Yeah, there was almost a whole page of standing-up-for-Arnold letters; usually responses to pieces would run in the issue two numbers after the piece ran, but the response was so vociferous and immediate that we started putting letters in the next issue, AND the response bled into the issue after that. Don't even get me started, lest I start condemning the clowns who didn't digitally archive Premiere's print run. Whatever website had it would be getting some big hits now.


The recall of Gray Davis - pushed by Darryl Issa and other fatcats to prevent Enron from being billed for the rape of Kaleefornia -- and the pimping of Arnold is the greatest recent scam in the state's recent history. And Arnold was enabled by the "liberal media" and a populace of media lemmings. Still can't believe this slime was voted in TWICE.

And now, all those folks who voted for him are looking away, whistling.


Here you go Kenny...


Glenn Kenny

Wow, thanks, and thanks Brian Flemming, whoever you are. I DO like that one quote, "In America Icould go all the way to Speaker of the House. I think I could bring a little spice to the job. I think I could put a little fire up their asses." Yeah, that's ONE way of putting it. I also remember the way I shoehorned in the film-geek reference to Arnold Stang and "Bloody Pit of Horror." Good times. Or memorable ones anyway.


Even in 2000 this was old news. As far back as the early 90s I often heard this one:

Q: What does Arnold always say after sex?

A: "Remember--Maria must never find out."

Bilge Ebiri

Ah, yes. Many is the time when I have told folks the "Eating is not cheating!" story. I actually remember reading about the blowback to this story, but didn't realize it was so pronounced.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks Bilge. Not to pat myself and Premiere and John on the back TOO much, but I'm reminded of A.J. Liebling's observation: "Journalism is what somebody doesn't want you to print. The rest is publicity."

Owain Wilson

When the issue in question came out, I remember being impressed that Premiere was so prepared to burn some pretty big bridges in order to tell the story. And I recall that in the next issue's letters page, Michael Rapaport rather childishly ranted that Premiere will be sorry when Arnold won't give you a cover story for Terminator 3! And in response to those letters you added a bit about how the writer stands by his story.

Good work, Glenn - then and now.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks Owain. Gotta tell you, back in the day, there were few better feelings than putting to bed a statement that ended, "Premiere stands by its story."


Remember the story well, and the letters page a few editions later. (I think I've still even got those issues lying around the flat somewhere, must look them out.) Going further back, I also remember a terrific and very revealing Premiere article (from 1991 I think,) which detailed the making of the mostly-forgotten Disney film The Marrying Man and the behaviour of its two stars Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin who only got together near the beginning of that movie's shoot. Anyone else remember that one?

Glenn Kenny

Neil, I remember the piece on "The Marrying Man" quite well, not because I was there at the time but because it came up every time the magazine wanted to approach Alec Baldwin, as in "Alec Baldwin won't talk to us because of..." and so on. I seem to recall Kim Basinger forgiving the magazine at one point or another. I also remember Bruce Willis having a bit of a grudge against us because of a Demi Moore piece. These protective husbands, it's kind of touching...


Son of a gun. I didn't know they still had "rewrite men" in the early 21st Century! I am tickled by the idea of a reporter phoning you stories, and you giving them the Kenny Touch. (In my imagination they're candlestick phones, of course, and you're all wearing sleeve garters and derby hats.)

Hollywood buddies will always stick up for each other. It's not an ignoble impulse, but certainly not conducive to journalism.

Pinko Punko

The Hollywood buddy network seems to pale in the face of the French rapist defender network, although there is some overlap in that set regarding Polish directors.

Glenn Kenny

@ Edroso: Thanks. It certainly helped that John Connolly was (and remains) what you call a genuine team player. And yeah, when we got all those letters we certainly understood it was all part of the industry-town give-and-take. I believe it was the sheer volume that gave us pause. Anyway, I don't see Jamie Leigh Curtis or Emma Thompson saying anything now.

@ Pinko Punko: I'd ask "what's your point?" only I already get it.


CNN interviewed Connolly for a story they posted this afternoon:



Correction - no interview (sorry), but they discuss what happened with Premiere's story...

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