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May 23, 2011


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It's unfortunate that Warners isn't offering the correct (1.66:1 or 1.59:1, whatever it is) ratio for Barry Lyndon, but can we at least be glad that the Blu-ray is anamorphic? 'Cause the most recent DVD sure as hell wasn't.

Jay G.

JC, there's no such thing as "anamorphic enhancement" for Blu-rays. The 16:9 frame is the standard for 1080p HD material, and every Blu-ray release has to fit their image within this frame. So it was pretty much a given that Barry Lyndon would be in 1080p HD when the Blu-ray was announced. However, many expected it to be presented in a pillarboxed 1.66:1 format, like the Clockwork Orange and Lolita Blu-rays are.

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