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May 15, 2011


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Chris O.

Plus "Survival of the Fittest" while you're shopping for healthy eats is apropos in its own right.
Looks tasty. The Buckingham moment was nice and I also dug Wiig's Ann Margret bit.


I was hoping you had cheese, too, from...Murray's? Is that right? I think so. Near Pearl Oyster Bar. Anyway, then I could have said "Ah yes, Murray's...I know it well." Because I bought some cheese there.

Dan Coyle

TWO LINDSEY BUCKINGHAMS! Oooooee, What's up with that, What's up with THAT!

Michael Worrall

Did you go through all that trouble and preparation just for Thor? You a pretty good host for a guest who wants to show up unannounced and hit you with a hammer.

New Songs

lol I am suffering to hungry to see your delicious food. Thanks dude!

English Songs

I am getting to information to you that you post various delicious food. lol Can you share me its price please?


Those last two posters ought to get together and start a website together! Maybe call it downloadnewenglishsong.com or something. Sheesh.

David Jameson

Beyond the "where do I put my shopping basket" and "how do I fit between stroller lady and the food shelves to get to the check out" questions, I find some redeeming qualities of Union Market. The cheese selection is very good, although I preferred shopping for cheese and charcuterie at Stinky on Smith before its recent relocation. I believe Stinky lost a little charm in the move, even though the new location is larger. The produce at Union Market is fresh and their guacamole, even though it's too expensive, is delicious. The fruit stand across the street from the Court Street Union Market is pretty good in a pinch. I had to buy a pineapple there to make a punch from David Wondrich's great book on punch, aptly titled, "Punch".

Good to know you trust the fish market. I'll have to check it out.

I'm wondering if you had your hands on a copy of the Criterion Blu of Diabolique. I'll be buying it regardless, but would love to hear your comments on the release.


Looks yummy, I'll try marinating my dinner.

Glenn Kenny

@ David Jameson: It's not the goods at Union Market that vex, but that component which was defined in "No Exit" as "hell," if you catch my drift.

Funny, I'm working on a new Blu-ray Consumer Guide (and I'll FINISH this one by the end of the month, I swear!) and I was just about to look at "Diabolique" when the new BR of "Outlaw Josey Wales" showed up, and my curiosity about that was such that the Clouzot got pre-empted. And I have to go se "Tree of Life" in about a half hour. So no verdict yet on "Diabolique," but the signs look good...

Sous Chef at Local Restaurant That is Failing and About a Week From Closing

those pictures are very unappetizing.

brian p

thank you for sharing. i am heartened that mine is not the only household where domesticity (ie dinner and L&O w/ the wife) will sometimes trump cinema. after all you can't be media elite 24/7. you have to live man!

trooper york

Boy how did I know you would shop at Union Market? Dude you have to give Mastellone's and K-Y vegtables your business.

We have to support people who name their stores after lube. Just sayn'

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