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April 06, 2011


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Sure loved coming across this page in front people staring at my monitor.


I trust your taste in comedy above other genres, so your Your Highness review just killed my 'high' hopes.

Glenn Kenny

Rotch, you might consider it worth it simply for the Wise Wizard sequence, which is jaw-droppingly creepy and dumb but which did make me lose my "shit."


If any of the moments in the ARTHUR trailer are actually in the movie, it's an epic fail.

Jeff McMahon

Obviously I haven't seen either, but the hostility towards Your Highness seems oddly intense, especially for a movie that's clearly in the 'goofy/slacker' variety and doesn't feature Adam Sandler, Kevin James, or anyone in a fat suit. In fact, this kind of unusual hostility makes me think I'm going to like the movie more.




norm depalma

The reason for the almost universal hostility is probably the Danny McBride ubiquity issue: namely, audiences feel like they are being forcefed 3 or so movies a year centering around a marginally talented and unattractive man/child who's sole shtick seems to be playing variations of a dumb hick.


Norm, if that's the case, it's a shame. But I'm not so sure that "audiences" are finding him overexposed (and since the film doesn't even come out until tomorrow, I'm not sure how we can factor audience opinion into the supposed hostility). For one thing, McBride has been at the "center" of only a couple of films: THE FOOT FIST WAY and YOUR HIGHNESS, and maybe we could count his large second banana role in LAND OF THE LOST. Everything else has been supporting (e.g., PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, UP IN THE AIR) or cameo (e.g., OBSERVE & REPORT, SUPERBAD) except of course for the starring role in his HBO series EASTBOUND & DOWN. I think the closest thing to a popular hit there is PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, which grossed within shouting distance of $90 million domestic, though I'm sure DVD, cable and other venues have exposed him more broadly.

I will buy that many critics find him overexposed, especially if they don't like his style of humor. Maybe that's what you meant when you said "audiences" anyway.

At any rate, I've seen most of his stuff and think he's great, especially in his leading roles (most of which he had a hand in writing), so I'll probably give YH a chance.

Brian Dauth

For those needing an alternative to YOUR HIGHNESS and ARTHUR, I suggest Joao Pedro Rodrigues' TO DIE LIKE A MAN (at IFC in NYC and hopefully other venues). One of the most sublime films I have seen in the last five years. Rodrigues' films are capacious and emotional without being assaultive or hostile.

That Fuzzy Bastard

That metal thong... All I can think of is this: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/12/3/


Still, you have to admit that artist Frank Thorne, in the 'Red Sonja' comics, managed to sell her whole 'chainmail bikini' thing pretty damn well.

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