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April 30, 2011


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"Just as a thought experiment, let's try to imagine the kinds of careers that Tarkovsky and Paradjanov might have had in Hollywood."

'Tango & Cash 2: Electric Boogaloo', of course!

... an admittedly flippant remark, but one which becomes all too distressingly plausible in light of the studio meddling their compatriot Konchalovsky had to put up with:


Kiss Me, Son of God

"I'm telling you, Marty, I can play more than just creepy escort reviewers..."


Wish I could've been there but reading this was the next best thing.

I watched both Dry Summer and The Housemaid (the original) online via the WCF and was blown away by both. Hopefully, they'll both be released on blu-ray at some point.

Mike D

"Taxi Driver! Now that was some funny shit!"

Pete Apruzzese

"No, really Marty. That's how Jeff Wells thinks Taxi Driver ends!"


You were great. The best moderator at the festival that I witnessed by far. Thanks for a great evening ;)


Thanks for this recap; I'm even more intrigued to see Waati now, the one Cissé I haven't managed to get a copy of.

There seems to be some problem with the WCF website: all of the links appear to be broken.

Kent Jones

Gareth, the WCF website is down only temporarily. We're fixing some bugs. Should be back shortly.

Just so everyone knows, this year's Cannes Classics presentation is HUDUTLARIN KANUNU, or LAW OF THE BORDER, by Lüfti Akad, co-written by and starring Yilmaz Güney.


Thanks for that update, Kent. It's been too long since my last visit, so I was glad of the nudge from Glenn.

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