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April 20, 2011


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And now you bring up Wells? And you have the temerity to talk about taking your own life? How do you think *I* feel right now?


I bet silver dollars all those guys who go to Starbucks to write their screenplays and novels will continue to use their laptop, even if they can't plug it in. Because that's not what they want plugged, nyuk nyuk nyuk.


All the cool independent cafes in New York and Starbucks? Wells, I understand, he's the Ultimate Eloi...


I remember in one or more of Roger Ebert's yearly collections of reviews, he had an excerpt from an Ed McBain novel (the name of which escapes me) where the detective was taking a statement from a man who killed someone in a movie theater for talking during the movie, and the excerpt ends with the detective wondering if he would be able to write this up as justifiable homicide. I'd imagine Wells would be wondering that if he heard about this.


"Hobo stops begging, demands change".

Glenn Kenny

@ Christian: Well, yeah, but consider my geographical/temporal predicament: between screenings, one at 55th and Sixth, the next in the middle of Times Square, and I'm on deadline. I guess I COULD have hopped a subway and gone down to The Bean to work, but that would have been forcing the issue in a sense, know what I'm saying?


I love that you have a "deplorable snark" category.

Jeff McMahon

Now you've got me wanting to write 'Hobo with a Hissyfit'.


Jes busting your balls a bit, Glenn. But maybe they blocked the outlets specifically because of Wells. "Oh shit, here comes that grouchy dude in the red NASCAR jacket..."

The Confidence Man

In this coffee shop, you gotta get the latte first. Then when you get the latte, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the wifi.

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