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April 27, 2011


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That Fuzzy Bastard

I am so sad about Poly Styrene dying. She was a huge inspiration---a nonconformist from the get-go in a scene that became conformist way too quickly, not to mention one hell of a singer and songwriter (the songs on Germ-Free are some of the best lyrics produced by the class of '77). And it was really looking like the new record was going to be a "comeback"; post-MIA & Lauryn Hill, her whole life story seems more relevant than ever, and her music was sounding fresher than any of the previous releases. Ugh. I am really, truly sad about this.

Noam Sane

Never heard that Macca cover before, thanks, great tune. Wondering who the band is behind, it's very nicely played. Saw Phoebe on the NY Rock & Soul tour in the late 80's (early 90's? It's hard to be old)...she was fierce and real.


Noam, that was probably the usual suspects: Will Lee, and others I can't remember. I love that cover, too. Gave me chill bumps just now.

I love all those '70s New York session guys. They played with such economy. Ian Hunter's "All American Alien Boy" is one of my favorite albums; it's so tight.

I remember when Phoebe Snow was singing jingles — she wasn't some generic voice, she had that unmistakable timbre. What was the woman who sang "The Poetry Man" doing on this commercial for Folger's Coffee?

It was only later that I learned about her daughter, that she had sung jingles because she could do them without leaving New York.

God rest her soul.

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