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April 05, 2011


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have fun, you will be great.


I hope someone Youtubes* this for posterity. Wish I could swing by!

*(The English language has been bastardized enough to where "Youtube" is a verb now, right?)

Noam Sane

Sounds like fun. Times like this, it sucks to live out here in the boondocks.

I'm guessing "'81 Poop Hatch"? One of my all-time favorite pieces of poetry. Good choice!


James Keepnews

Well, well -- my mind cracks like custard at the thought. Really would love to make it out for this, and will try to do so. Among his other mighty accomplishments, Mr. Lucas also afforded the opportunity for my cousin Peter to meet His Lovely Wife, the smashing Irene Trudel.

Evelyn Roak

Ah, Vivian Goldman, maker of one amazing 7"/12" of British-Post-Punk-Reggae in the late 70's/early 80's.

Glenn Kenny

@ Evelyn: Yes, the "Dirty Washing," EP, a fucking great record. "Launderette:" "I wanted ten pence for the dryer/That was how we met..." I worship that thing. Wish she'd recorded more, but in a way it was kind of a perfect DIY statement: to make one amazing record, then stop. Looking forward to seeing her again, we met at a Bob Christgau party years ago and we got on pretty well.

@ James: Always wondered if you were a relation, good to know.

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