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April 24, 2011


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James Keepnews

Quelle horreur! A tremendous loss of a distinctive, commanding actress who rarely received the attention she deserved. COUSIN, COUSINE receives the precise lack of attention its trifling softcoreness deserves, but wasn't she hysterical (in at least two senses) in it? Possibly my favorite performance by her was more recent: her Madame Verdurin in Raul Ruiz' incomparable TIME REGAINED, as Proustian as cinema is liable to ever get. There's such a knowing quality here (and in C, C) to her character's cluelessness, bourgie hauteur as fate.

Adieu, M-F P.


I loved her so much in ANTOINE AND COLLETTE that I found myself very disappointed that she was not Antoine Doinel's final romantic choice in LOVE ON THE RUN (even though it makes complete sense that her character would be too smart and practical to settle down with him). I loved her in CELINE AND JULIE, too.


She's also lovely in the relatively recent (and very good) film "Son Of Gascogne" - one of many cameos that are a who's who of French cinema. A real loss.

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