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April 03, 2011


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Glenn, this is a really cool comparison. What strikes me, though, is the key difference of that overhead shot in the Hitchcock. I haven't seen the 1923 COMMANDMENTS, so I don't know if there's a similar shot in the film, but it feels like that overhead view-- at once coldly clinical and intensely curious--makes a big difference in how the sequences play (at least in these grabs) play out for me.


The 1923 version was also on the DVD release of Commandments done about 5 years ago. I watched it last December while reading the Scott Eyman book (2nd best director bio I've read) and there is a scene on top of a construction site that recalled for me the climb up the stairs end scene in Vertigo as well as the destruction of a church that Hitchcock may have been influenced by for the train wreck in Secret Agent (though I have not seen that movie in years) .

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