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April 03, 2011


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"My favorite series is 'Two And A Half Men' with Charlie Sheen. That relaxes me and makes me laugh. The little boy who is one of the actors reminds me of my son [the one I incestuously sired by raping my own captive daughter]."

Name this infamous fan.

D Cairns

Joseph Fritzl!

And Paul Schrader's Hardcore.

I won't bother to claim my box set.



Mr. Peel

I spotted the lack of film title when I was reading this last night too and thought, you can't say the name HARDCORE? Was there a reason for not mentioning it? Or was it just a case of the guy who wrote this going, "Um, that's from an old movie, I sort of recognize that guy, what is it? Meh, I'll just say 'classic' and hope nobody notices..."

Jeff McMahon

Or, "subtlety".


It should have been be Scott ala SAVAGE IS LOOSE offering a money back guarantee if you didn't like the show.

D Cairns

The EW hack not only doesn't name the film, he doesn't name George C Scott -- he's just "a man." So I think your second guess is on the money, Mr Peel. Entertainment Weekly journalists don't know their movies.


Coincidentally enough, I just read this today in the Keith Richards autobiography:

"So we...moved out of New Jersey to a rented house in South Salem, New York, called Frog Hollow... It was down the road from George C. Scott. He used to crash regularly into our white wooden fence, pissed out of his brain, driving at ninety miles an hour."

Maybe George is a hero of Charlie's.

Stephen Bowie

I interviewed Scott briefly on the phone a couple of years before his death, and he was ... mellow. I can't tell you how disappointed I was.


To be fair to Mr. Hibberd, a) he's a TV writer, not a film critic, and b) "live-blogging" an event like that doesn't lend itself to fact-checking. Amusing nonetheless.

Also credit him with noting the irony of launching such a spectacle of personal exceess in Detroit.


The face that George C. is making is the exact same face I make at least twice a day, once before work starts, and once again after lunch.


Meanwhile, the award for the most incongruous/unexpected mention of 'Hardcore' must surely go to this review of the Marvel comic Spectacular Spider-Man #13 (1977), in which Spider-Man fights a fellow superhero (dressed as a *pig*), whose "quest to rescue his sister reminds me of a harrowing but largely forgotten George C. Scott film, Hardcore, where Scott plays an upstanding Michiganite whose daughter disappears into the seedy world of pornography."



Er, "classic"? No offense to Schrader or Scott. Somewhere else I saw a callow young scribe mention "the actor who played Gen. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove". Little f*cker.

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