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March 02, 2011


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Juxtaposing the old and young Terence Stamps reminds me of 'The Limey'. Rights issues notwithstanding, I wish more films could manage that trick of retroactively integrating older footage.

Mortgage Bishop

This is a high class Adjustment Bureau de Change! Not some two bit silly but somewhat entertaining piece of metaphysical burlesk!


I. too, had that Teorema dream during Adjustment Bureau, Glenn.

Mark Asch

This may also work for his uncredited cameo in Neil Jordan's THE COMPANY OF WOLVES.


I am proud to say that I am, indeed, conversant with the Pasolini of which you speak.

Mike Mazurki

A Blu-ray of Theorem is apparently in the works from the BFI, according to a mole....

Chris O.

I guess where he'd written OCEAN'S TWELVE, the Matt Damon connection and the material, I thought Soderbergh WAS a producer on this. I do wonder if he gave him any sage advice for this project. But let's say the TEOREMA suggestion was proposed to him by someone, he may very well have said, "Yeah, but Soderbergh already did that," thinking if he had inserted the footage, the criticism probably would've been the very same: "Soderbergh did it first... and better." Having said that, more filmmakers should err on the side of rolling the dice, anyway (to bring it back to OCEAN'S TWELVE -- a hey hey!)

D Cairns

You may have hit upon a technique for improving any Terence Stamp film! I'm now declaring that Stamp's performance in Wall Street (as "Sir Larry Wildman"!) is a continuation of his role in Link (Dr Stephen Phillip) and his role in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Bernadette) is a continuation of his role in Legal Eagles (Victor Taft).

Stamp's performance as General Zod in Superman II appears to be modeled on Leone Greene's performance as General Miles Gloriosus in the same director's A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.



Kevyn Knox

Did you give a little slap to the friend that was uneducated on Pasolini's great little film and follow that up with a screening of said film?

I can't wait to play this mind game of yours when I see the film this week.

Matt S.

I'm generally of the opinion that splicing footage of Terence Stamp into any film -- whether he's "supposed to be" in it or not -- will probably improve the quality of said film.

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