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March 03, 2011


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In really exciting news for cinecrophiles, STARS IN MY CROWN finally has a (remastered!) DVD release, via Warner Archive.

Owain Wilson

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE? Sick with jealousy.

As a 35 year old who has seen every Bond film at the cinema since A VIEW TO A KILL in 1985, and whose very first trip to the cinema was MOONRAKER in 1979, I'm on a mission to see every prior Bond film on the big screen and have only got six more to go. YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE is No 1 on my wish list. Enjoy it!

Peter Nellhaus

She was even in a couple of films by Mikio Naruse, which is another reason to proudly announce Hama time.


Never one of my favourite Bonds, but any film which combines a Roald Dahl screenplay and Freddie Young cinematography is worth a look. Keep your eyes out, too, for the brief shot where Blofeld's trademark cat, thoroughly and disturbingly freaked by all the blockbuster pyrotechnics, has to be restrained with all Donald Pleasence's might:


Robert Cashill

I always doze off during the Japanese village segment of the film about 2/3 of the way in, and can understand why Connery was eager to leave as the effects technicians took over. (I think British films used the same explosives sound from the 50s through the 80s, as if austerity measures regarding the rerecording of audio remained in place for decades.)

Connery must have been fit to be tied when he saw ON HER MAJESTY"S SECRET SERVICE, a Bond that has everything in the right proportion, whose only flaw is his absence.

But we always recall our first theatrical Bond fondly. Mine was DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, on a double bill with LIVE AND LET DIE, when I was eight.

Stephen Whitty

Precisely, Robert. I first saw "Goldfinger" at a drive-in in Maine, in my pyjamas and eating a big box of cheese Flings. It was terrific. (I was 5, I should add.)

Of course, this was in the good old days when parents -- bless them -- simply took their children to whatever movie they wanted to see. "Charade," "Zulu," "A Man For All Seasons" or a re-release of "Around the World in 80 Days" -- you really never knew what you were going to get as a kid back then. And I'm still thankful for it.

Unkle Rusty

I'll never forget being dragged along to a double bill of Three in the Attic and Three in the Cellar at age 10 by my addled parents, unable to find a babysitter, at the Kitsap Drive-In, Bremerton, WA. Can't recall any Bonds seen under similar circumstances, regrettably.


I once had a nice long chat with gossipist Mike Walker and I made sure all he told me were his amazing stories of working for Connery during the making of YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. The first thing I asked him if it was true that Connery was really over Bond as his 007 performance is his worst. Walker confirmed that he wanted out, was cool to hang with, and literally threw a group of Japanese paparazzi out of an elevator.


I think the first bond I saw on the big screen was DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER at a drive-in. I had probably seen GOLDFINGER on TV though, because I remember really wanting one of those Oddjob action figures with the springy arm that could throw his lethal hat.


Big Bond fan here. First theatrical Bond was The Living Daylights. I was 12. I have to admit I find You Only Live Twice to be mind-numbingly boring. Nothing, like, happens. This is a big flaw for a Bond film. Now, I saw all the Bonds when I was much younger, but I recently embarked on a project to see them all again on DVD, chronologically. You Only Live Twice was still boring. I'm stalled now because I have a hard time bringing myself to watch Moonraker again.

I remember sharing my favorite, From Russia With Love, with a couple of friends back in high school. They didn't get it and dozed off. Their 1992 conception of what James Bond was didn't jibe with the 1963 version.

Ryan Kelly

Work has detained me from going the last few seasons - I don't think I've gone since I saw "Vertigo" in the fall of '09. Not gonna let that happen this time around.

Pete Apruzzese

Glenn -

Thanks for the plug for the season at the Lafayette. This should be a fun schedule with a few films I haven't seen, notably Shanghai Express. Universal says that we're getting their best print of that one.


My dad used to take us to Bond movies on the day they came out at the Odeon Leicester Square in London with it's incredible football field-size screen. Saw them there from OHMSS through to MOONRAKER. Not the best of Bond runs I admit.

Charlie R

I was so excited to see the new season's titles announced. I've always wanted to see a Josef von Sternberg print. I expect March 19th to be a fun day with The African Queen and the 35th anniversary print of Taxi Driver playing at AMC theatres.


I saw THE GRADUATE at the drive-in when I was about 6. Needless to say, I didn't understand much of it, but a few years later when I saw Rich Hall at a club and he smushed a piece of plexiglass against his face and screamed, "Elaine!" I got the joke.

I'm excited about our beloved Belcourt Theatre's "Visions of the South" series, especially THE PHENIX CITY STORY and NIGHT OF THE HUNTER on the big screen!

Asher, you'll be delighted to learn that STARS IN MY CROWN is in the lineup, too.

Michele De Angelis

i't just because the old ones are better. There's nothing to do about this, only few movies a year are worth watching.

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