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March 18, 2011


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The Confidence Man

I believe you mean he was a shimmering, glowing star in said firmament.

Michael Adams

Leave it to the increasingly unreliable New York Times to omit The Man in the White Suit, Horror of Dracula, The Horse's Mouth, Women in Love, The Go-Between, Out of Africa, and any specific reference to his considerable TV work (The Avengers, Smiley's People, etc.) from its shallow obit.


How about "Horrors of the Black Museum"? Can't forget those binoculars.

Peter Nellhaus

Am I the only one who thinks that in that top screengrab, that Gough looks like Jim Jarmusch (or maybe it was the other way around)?

Simon Abrams

Holy hell, I totally didn't realize that was him in LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE. Not even Roddy McDowall could save that stinker.

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