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March 22, 2011


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Claire K.

what a face! what a voice! what an engaging manner!

Matthias Galvin

+1 for no maroon sweatervest.


I thought you were going to teach me how to pronounce Apichatpong Weerasethakul. What a rip off.

I liked your Loony Tunes (I believe) gasp when faced with the prospect of naming quality mainstream movies.

Tony Dayoub

Excellent summary of the year thus far. I agree with much of what you said, especially with the bit on CAPTAIN AMERICA. Despite being a "risky" proposition for mainstream audiences (as risky as one can get in that genre... WWII period piece--whaa?), I think it will be the most rewarding of this year's comic book films.

Now when is anyone going to adapt Kirby's NEW GODS?

Kevyn Knox

Great showing. Whole-heartedly agree on Captain America. He has always been one of my favourite comic characters (and the bit on the REd Skull - mocking or not - was fantastic).

No mention of Red Riding Hood in the worst category though? I know you were pressed for time, but I think its badness deserved at least a mention.

Here's looking forward to Meek's Cutoff. I still haven't seen the damned thing.


Glenn, if it's out of line to ask or you don't feel like answering, totally understood, though you're usually (rightfully) proud about your awesome diet results: How much have you lost now, total? And over how much time are we talking? That's seriously impressive. And I don't say that in a backhanded way; I don't really think of your Girlfriend Experience build as particularly John Pinette-esque or anything-- it was probably in the neighborhood of where I am.

Last summer I swore to lose 50-60 pounds. At one point I lost 23 pounds, then hit THE WALL where it wouldn't budge, then winter hit and running went out the window... Now I'm back where I started, all dejected and disappointed in myself. Are you allowed to drink 10 beers a night on a diet?

Glenn Kenny

@ Lex: I don't mind answering, but the answer is kind of boring. in January of 2010 I was about 300 pounds, now I'm hovering between 210 and 220, and am looking to make 200 this summer. And essentially I lost the weight through the usual, that is, diet and exercise. It's not exactly a secret that last year I stopped drinking, period; when you factor in the data that I was a boilermaker guy, and that at the height of my consumption I could down five to ten whiskey-and-beer combos a day, well, that's a lot of calories right there. As for other aspects of diet, I found that selectively applying South Beach, or at least some of the principles of South Beach, really helps kick-start things, particularly at those points where one feels one has "plateaued" and hit that wall you refer to. As for exercise, I started walking two miles a day and eventually built to the point of doing six miles in an hour. You're right, though; even if you run indoors, on a treadmill, as I tend to, winter can really mess up your running. I talked to a running expert on this and he told me the important thing is just to keep doing something if running itself is an issue: strength training, getting on an elliptical, that kind of thing.

The thing is, I actually DID IT, and I did it at a point in my life where I honestly thought I would never be able to. I can't stress how down in the dumps and pessimistic I was about my prospects before I actually started to work on it. My feeling is, if I can do it, anybody can, so give it another shot.

James Keepnews

Tony, sure do hope King Jack's chef d'oeuvre makes it on-screen via animation, G-d (or Highfather) willing 2D/hand-drawn animation. Yeah, dream on, right? G-d &c. knows they have and hundreds of pages worth of the plotline and storyboards good to go.

& yeah, CA looks dope, don't it? Here's, once more, to warranted buzz.


Look great sound great, love the mugging at the end

Michael Adams

Very entertaining. If GK wants to continue his acting career, I suggest a remake of Preminger's Whirlpool with Glenn in the Jose Ferrer role.

"I thought you were going to teach me how to pronounce Apichatpong Weerasethakul." I hear his friends call him Bubba.


Well, it's really his last name that I trip over. "Bubba" I can manage, though.


I think the mugging mix is about right. Overall, you did well in what seems like a difficult format - soundbytes, but articulate and cogent. It would be cool if this thing gets you a wider readership.

Tom Russell

"I thought you were going to teach me how to pronounce Apichatpong Weerasethakul."

He did, however, teach us how to pronounce Statham, which I had always pronounced Stayth-um.


Kirby's actual life, beginning in poverty and culminating with his long legal struggle for recognition and renumeration, would be worthy of a movie in itself. I think William Gaines' biography -- the boating accident, the EC horror comics, the HUAC hearings -- lends itself more to 'cinematizing', though.

Henry T.

I noticed that the FilmFan link now defaults to their most recent segment. In case anyone wants a shortcut to Glenn's "Best & Worst of 2011 so far" appearance, here it is: http://tinyurl.com/4n5933d


Tom: I'm afraid Glenn has actually taught us how to MISpronounce Statham, but we forgive him because he's right about everything else. It's STAY-thum.

Here's the proof, because you know Jason would've kicked Kathie Lee and Hoda's butts if they got it wrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD7qdNqozOs

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