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March 08, 2011


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best post ever! i also was/am a huge fan of stephanie. she never got the recognition with the masses a la jenna, asia carrera, etc. it was quite jarring to see her now. hope she's healthy (i had to give up with about 1:00 to go.


I have CONSIDER THE LOBSTER lying around somewhere, but I haven't read this particular essay. I'll definitely dig it up. It must have been quite something to have been personally acquainted with David Foster Wallace, Glenn. I've been dusting on my Wallace lately, in anticipation of next month's publication of THE PALE KING, and he was really one of the greats; cerebral yet emotional, erudite yet humane. I just finished re-reading his great short story, "Good Old Neon" (from OBLIVION), and was very moved and saddened by it.

A. Campbell

Great post- kind of empathy/humanity that DFW himself exemplified.


Thanks for posting this Glenn. This IS a sobering corrective to the "ha ha look at the human garbage" bread-n-circus.

I'm impressed by Swift's lack of victimhood, especially since she's probably someone who's earned the sobby card if she wanted to play it.

Also - 15 years in the industry?! I'm really not up on my porn stats, but isn't that a long time for a female performer?



MILF "mature" adult videos are actually quite good sellers. With good health and appropriate surgery, you can possibly be working all the way up to your 50s, though to be realistic some of the older performers most likely came into the industry very late.

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