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March 30, 2011


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Daniel Kasman

Or that scene in Eyes Wide Shut when Cruise bumps into NYC yuppie youths...


At least these African-American teens seem to have had a wittier, less cliched screenwriter than 'Eyes Wide Shut'. I bet the surroundings looked more convincing, too.


I remember when I saw EYES WIDE SHUT, I thought "Oh hell, not THIS old story again."

Michael Adams

As long as they don't say Reggie Nalder, you're lookin' good.

That Fuzzy Bastard

But wouldn't it have been great if the yoofs had exclaimed "Yo, watch it Conrad Veidt!" "Naw, man, motherfucker looks more like James Gleason!"


"... and nothing at all like Laird Cregar!"

brian p

willis or cage, one thing is clear: you sliced through their pack like a knife and they were not going to eff with you.


And now I've got the image of Nicolas Cage bald stuck in my head. Thanks, Glenn!


Glenn, you kind of resemble... Glenn Kenny. Just thought you should know.

Ryland Walker Knight

When are you and Bourdain going to co-host a food and film show already?

Kevyn Knox

Exactly how many average man-on-the-streets have called you Victor Fucking Buono?


"Muh-fuh look like my man William Conrad after Jenny Craig."


Heh. I was recently told I reminded them of Orson Welles.

They hurriedly amended that to a *young* Orson Welles, but, still, I don't think it was his talent they were referring to.

Well, if you can do it, Glenn, I guess I can try.


Sadly I've been compared by vocal passersby to the Michellin Man on numerous occasions...though it might just be because I wear a large padded coat in almost all weathers. Yes, it must be that...

(breaks down sobbing)

Glenn Kenny

BTW kids, the Victor Buono comparison was made around the time of "The Girlfriend Experience,"
by that film's director.

Chris O.

I liked Casablancas' solo single "Out of the Blue" better than anything I've heard off the new album, thus far.

Tom Carson

My advice to any future NYC youth gangs that cross your path: "Pass the Duce to the left-hand side."

Chris O.

My post above was intended for the music entry. Sorry boot that.

Congrats, Glenn, on the lookalike upgrade.


I predict that in 40 years, you'll most often be compared to Ernest Thesiger. But then again, so shall we all.

Soderbergh can compare me to Rondo Hatton if he'll buy one of my screenplays.


What if Soderbergh had mentioned the comparison to Chris Nolan?
For the sake of good health you ruined your chance to be King Tut in one of the DARK KNIGHT sequels.

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