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February 07, 2011


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Especially in Italy.


It must be a by product of all those open topped sports cars they drive in that country!


I guess a still of Grace Kelly driving in Monaco in To Catch A Thief would have been too meta, huh?

Glenn Kenny

As it's Monaco and not Italy, both too meta and not meta enough.

Tony Dayoub

Now I have to address a blind spot in my movie watching and see Godard's CONTEMPT which has been languishing in my DVR for months.


How about a still from the ending of ANGEL FACE? Jean Simmons, now there's someone you don't want to get into a car with!


Yeah, ANGEL FACE. So...that happened.


Always wondered if that scene in Two Weeks inspired Toby Dammit. Another Kirk Douglas attempt at film suicide by sports coupe can be found in Kazan's THE ARRANGEMENT.


Just to be safe you might want to avoid any car that Jean Simmons comes into contact with, unless you want to end up like Herbert Marshall.

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