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February 05, 2011


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Paul Duane

I have an original of this in a box somewhere - Dean Martin ogles Tura Satana in a pop-cultural collision of some magnitude. Rest in Peace, Varla.



How's this for an obscure celebrity connection? -- My girlfriend's former foster father is Tura Satana's nephew. I never met her, but got to see some home videos of her visiting the family at Christmas and Halloween over the years. Caught a glimpse of her once at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.


Thanks -- I always wondered where Tura Satana was in "Irma La Douce" but not enough to watch the movie again. I love Wilder but for some reason I found that movie irritating and disappointing rather than charming; I think "Kiss Me, Stupid" has actually held up better over time.

You've also reminded me that I don't have a copy of "Shock Value" anymore and really should try to track one down.

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